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Make the most out of your customer visits
with QuickAmps
Personalized support
when they need it most.

Speed up your audits

Make personal connections

Deliver instant reports

Head into audits fully equipped with a fast way to collect data and have meaningful conversations with customers that reveal other important insights. Use data gathered from the audit to know your customers better and show them more of what they care about. Sit down with the customer at their kitchen table and review an instant report of your findings. Complete with graphics and visuals they can understand.
QuickAmps is like your auditor's third hand.
Create meaningful first impressions

Summer bill preparedness

High consumption response

Be proactive and make it effortless for new customers to get ball-park estimates of their future electric bills in just 30 seconds. Prepare your customers for the incoming summer with a self-auditing tool that helps them stay ahead of the summer bill frenzy. Make it easy for your energy auditors to deliver their best work, faster. Stunning real-time digital reports that make your customers happy.

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