reduce the nonessential workload
on your utility operations
Reduce your team's nonessential workload of:
  •  Causeless meter rereads
  •  Unnecessary meter testings
  •  Excessive payment agreements
  •  Lengthy high-bill calls
  •  Unjustified call escalations

drops + watts customer self-service tools
make it easy for your customers to predict their utility bills, including electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater.

Having prepared customers means you can direct your energy and resources to focus on critical utility operations, hurricane preparedness, onboarding new customers, and supporting busy CSRs.
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speed up your energy audits
deliver instant reports
Speed up your energy audits, advance your conservation efforts, and answer your customers' concerns, with a paperless way to collect data fast and deliver instant reports.
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because your day goes smoother
when they are not surprised
When they
sign up for service
Make it easy for new customers to predict their utility bills, including all the services your company provides, so they know what to expect moving forward.
When they
move in
A personalized way for residents to understand energy and water consumption, discover saving ideas and simulate changes in their home–– all in less than 5 minutes.
summer strikes
Get ahead of the bill frenzy and help your customers prepare for the peak season before high bills even hit.
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redesigned customer experience
on any device, anytime
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